Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?

How would you walk in life as an Awakened Man? How would your wife, your child, your boss, the world see you? Can you sense their relaxation when you stand?

Can you feel your presence, sense your awareness? Can you see the doors opening for you? Can you imagine how it would affect your life, your business?

This life of yours is there for the taking. Awakened Man clears the path and pairs contemplation with action. Like a modern initiation.

You will come out a different man

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Also see this impression from a participant of last year's training (in Dutch)

Awakened Man from Dereck Oerlemans on Vimeo.


About Awakened Man

Awakened Man is a training programme for men. It aims to develop your capacity to embrace life completely and stay present in every moment. The emphasis of the training is on allowing the participants to develop their own (yoga-) practice. 

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a training programme for men